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Graceland Baptist Church

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Come & Connect With Lord!

At Graceland Baptist Church, we share the love of Jesus Christ with you and the whole world. We share our weekly Baptist sermons to all of you who wish to join us every day. There are so many opportunities open to you to grow with us, and with Christ, our Lord.

Get connected with our Bible studies. We welcome you into the arms of Christ, our Lord and our family. Bible studies are part of our daily life here at Graceland Baptist Church. Join our women's and men's Bible studies.

Our Ministries:                                    

  • Children Ministry              
  • Deaf Ministry                                         
  • Disaster Relief Ministry
  • Media Arts Ministry                                       
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Student Ministries & More

Each of our ministry has a specific function that you will enjoy joining. It's all about connecting with God and volunteering your time to the Church. Also, serving your community!

At Graceland Baptist Church, join us in prayer services. Pray for our Baptist faith and with your faith, we will be stronger by God's gift of salvation through Our Lord.

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